I think of myself as an innovative and passionate creative thinker who enjoys beautiful clear solutions that shine with simplicity. Things I enjoy; concept creation, interaction solutions, art direction & brand ideation. Involved in workshops on brand development and scoping business solutions. Below is a selection of work from recent projects.

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Digital Art Direction ICON

Digital Art Direction

Ideas that relate to the targeted customers. Choosing the correct media for the correct channel, focusing on the connection to drive engagement and communicate the brand values that matters most.

UI / UX Design ICON

UI / UX Design

Creating working prototypes to test and iterate upon, conducting user research and user behavior sessions to improve and test our ideas vs customer needs. Redefine the business with customers as the CEO's. Design with democratic executive power as the driver.

Digital Brand Strategy ICON

Digital Brand Strategy

Looking at the Brand as it is now and where it wants to position itself over a set period of time. Looking at it's current audience and comparing it to others. Who are the real competitors and finding solutions that works in practice then watch and measure the outcomes.