Barclays Business Website Rebrand

The out-dated Business section of the site was in desperate need of an image refresh. The concept was to contact and shoot Barclays Business customers in their work place from all over the UK to show the diversity and ranges of businesses that we support.

From a list of over 3000 UK Businesses we found a rare 20 that we shot and interviewed to make short videos promoting our Business accounts. These businesses ranged from Suffolk cheese to Devon surfboards and included one of the oldest brass horn makers to the most modern high-end fashion Knitting centre in the UK.

The rebrand was all shot and directed by myself and using a range of photographers over 3 months and a massive success to the Bank and wider Business. This photographic style now is the new standard of photography for the Bank's Brand and set the bar for all other future work being commissioned.

Objective: New Brand vision for the Business site, approx. 30 pages.
Skills Needed: Creative Vision, Art Direction, Shoot Production

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