Barclays: Personalised Debit Card Promo

Barclays Debit cards can be personalised by customers by selecting a personal image to be printed on it but it seemed that there was limited level of understand of how and what was possible. It was only advertised at branch level or a basic customer to customer level.

Concepts were drawn up to see how to reach an audience that might be shy in showing their work even though it was only for personal use. Hence the gallery idea was born; as each person (a real customer) started showing their work and getting their work printed on canvas; a mock gallery became a space for people to tell stories behind the images that. Each person had a personal story and revelled in each others personal stories.

The video was a great success; because it explained the process and the simplicity of making your own card more you and not just another card.

Objective: To increase awareness of P.D.C. and more usage of the system to make cards
Owned: Brand Direction, Art Direction

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