Barclays Wealth new site

A complete redo of the older site with new templates, user journeys, complete new vision for the sale market place or the wealth and investment brands.

Brand Piece: A new visual piece needed to sit connected to the new page copy headlines and sub headlines and was sketched from the beginning with copywriters and stakeholders to be aligned. This was based on the new site not the old and was inline with the Brand values of the real and representing reality. There was a large part of producing Photographic shoots as well as collecting high-end stock for print and digital work to start the process of creating a library to work long term. The open brief of also pushing the limits of the standard Retail Barclays brand so to create a modern spacious vision that was still UK based and UK relevant.

Objective: A renewed vision to replace 30 page site; plus the start of an image archive.
Owned: UX/UI Advice, Conception, Art Direction, Shoot Production.

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Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.